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Basic video production samples and starting cost

This is an example of what your 1-minute promotional video could look like when it is  professionally produced by our expert design teams. Animation and music create engaging content, that may be placed on your website and social media pages, as well as featured in Treasure Coast Direct. Digital video marketing can increase your brand awareness faster and more cost-effectively than traditional print, radio and local TV media ever could.   


Instant gratification is the name of the game when it comes to converting shoppers to buyers. Video advertising creates a stimulating environment for your audience, holding their attention and meeting expectations for rich content. It allows your brand to quickly inform and visually entertain, making buying decisions so much easier. A 4-minute Informational video showcases your product or service in ways print media never could.


What’s more engaging than animation? Today’s consumers scroll past online ads without even a glance. Capture their attention, with an animated video that will hook ‘em quick and reel them right in - to your web and social media pages. Animation fluidly delivers content. Cross-channel video campaigns connect with users across websites and social networks, on mobile and devices. This increased exposure with targeted content positions your brand for purchase in an extremely competitive online marketplace.

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